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Our Carpet Cleaning Process

•Move All Light Furniture At Owners Discretion

•Thoroughly Vacuum All Areas

•Treat All Stubborn Stains

•Pre Treat All Areas

•Agitate Carpet Fibers To Loosen Dirt And Grime

•Allow Dwell Time

•Hot Water Extract Carpets Thoroughly With A Neutralizing Rinse

•Dry Extract Carpets Removing Any Excess Water

•Groom Carpet Fibers

Pet Treatment Process

•Use UV-Black Light To Locate Contaminated Areas

•Thoroughly Cleaning Affected Areas

•Apply Enzyme Deodorant To Eliminate Odor Causing Bacteria

•Allow Dwell Time •Extract The Enzyme

•Thoroughly Rinse The Area

Carpet Repair Service

•Carpet Restretching

•Seam Installation

•Patch Work

•Transition Repair/Install

•Install Tack strip

•Install New Padding

•Minor Flood Restoration

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